Better Address Management Features & Benefits

Allows you to completely rethink they way you use Addresses in Salesforce, or enhance the standard Address types


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  • Addresses are real custom objects in Salesforce – no longer just text fields
  • Addresses are automatically Geo-Located
  • Addresses with the same Street Address and PostalCode can be shared
  • Accounts, Contacts and Leads can have any number of Addresses, of the same or different types
  • Any number of additional Address types can be configured
  • Any Address can be nominated as the Primary Address for the Account, Contact or Lead
  • Current Primary Address fields are always available
  • Addresses can have Start and End Dates:
    • This provides a comprehensive Address History
  • Addresses can have Active Months:
    • Enables vacation addresses – Sep-Mar = Palm Springs, Apr-Aug = San Diego
    • This allows you to ask which primary address is currently active
  • Better Address Management can be switched on selectively by object type, or for specific instances – for example:
    • All Leads
    • All Contacts of record type ‘Domestic’
    • Only Accounts which have Industry = ‘Education’