Better Address Management

Structured Addresses are Better Addresses

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In standard, postal addresses are represented simply as text fields within an object – for example: in the Contact object, a Mailing Address consists of 5 separate text fields, holding Street, City, State, Postal Code and Country.

If two or more Contacts in your have the same mailing address, this means that each Contact has separate and unrelated mailing address fields in the database.  This has two important implications:

  1. There is no reliable way in the database of knowing that Contacts actually share the same postal address.
  2. If Contacts that share a postal address move, each Contact’s postal address must be updated manually.

Especially for B2C applications, it can be important to know that several Contacts, Leads, etc. share the same postal address.

Better Address Management for Salesforce meets this requirement by converting postal addresses into a separate Address database object, and relating other objects to those addresses in a fully structured manner:


Better Address Management for Salesforce also provides a customized user interface for managing these addresses:

Contact Address Manager