Case Metrics

Case Metrics provides the detailed Case tracking information you need to optimize your service operations.

  • Records a detailed history of key changes to your cases – Owner, Status, Priority, Escalations, for powerful later analysis.
  • For example: How many Cases went to Emergency Status this month? Which Cases closed within 10% of their Business Hours target?
  • Includes dynamic counters showing actuals vs. targets, in elapsed and business time, and also Case View Time.
  • Choose which Status values stop the clock.
  • May be selectively enabled for specific Cases or Case types.



  • Optional enablement of Case Metrics.
  • Each time Case Status, Owner, Priority or Escalated flag changes, Case Metrics data for the Case is updated, recording the state changes made, the old and new values, and the elapsed time and business time spent in the previous state.
  • Case Metrics data may be analyzed at any time. ┬áThe Case Metrics object is a child of the Case object.



  • Custom fields on Case provide useful metrics, for example:
    • Time to first Owner change
    • Time to first Status change
    • Close Score – actual vs. target as a percentage
  • Optional setting of elapsed and business time targets for a Case.
  • Correctly handles BusinessHours changes for a Case (e.g. changing Case Priority to Emergency switches to a 24×7 BusinessHours).
  • Real-time counters may be added to Case Page Layouts, showing elapsed time and elapsed business time, remaining time, remaining business time, and even Case View Time by owner.

Case Metrics Counters 2

  • When used with browsers that support the Page Visibility API, Case View Time by owner is not incremented if the page is not visible.
  • Warning threshold (%) may be set for elapsed time and business time.
  • If actual real-time counters for a Case pass the warning threshold, counters turn red.